About Us

ETLOK Systems is based out of Toronto, Canada.  Our founder, Akshay Kolte began this company on the foundation of educating business school students and small businesses in Economics, Finance, Operations and Technology.  Back then, Akshay consulted small businesses and worked with them to provide technology solutions that would help navigate the competitive world of start-ups.

Today ETLOK Systems works with businesses of various sizes across industries like fashion, media, logistics and more. However, our core principles remain the same.  



Innovation is in our DNA and creativity is in our process. We see ourselves as both the inspiration that will open minds and foster imagination as well as the artisans that will mold the imagination into reality. We have aligned ourselves so that we can educate, design and build a better tomorrow.

We take time to understand your business, to immerse ourselves into your day to day operations so that we can provide crafted solutions that fit your need within a budget that works for you.  Our holistic approach to technology consulting ensures that all the decisions we make are aligned with your business goals.